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Live in Reykjavik: "Those Who Do Not" by Psychic TV (Gramm 23, 1984)

"Those Who Do Not" was an album released in 1984 by English group Psychic TV. This was a two 12” vinyl release that went into the market through Icelandic Gramm Records, and it contains 10 songs. There are two versions of the album cover; one with red title and another black and white with white title. This edition was limited to 5,000 copies.
This work featured recordings from a live performance during a concert in Reykjavík, Iceland in November of 1983.
It included recordings by Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson. Guðlaugur Kristinn Óttarsson collaborated with a creation called P-Orridgemeter. It was a device especially designed for this work which was programmed within any given frequency or pulse and could be triggered by these sounds to reproduce an exact pattern sequence. Thus, sampled sounds could be played without the presence of musicians.
In 1987 Psychic TV released "Live in Reykjavik" through Genesis P-Orridge’s label Temple Records and it also featured the same recordings with some minor changes.
Album Cover
Asatru marriage celebrated by Sveinbjörn Beinteinsson Allsherjargodi (reproduced with his permission)
Part I
Side 1
1 Those Who Do Not
2 Attraction Romantique
Side 2
3 Fear
4 Unclean
5 Skinhead2
Part II
Side 1
6 The Full Pack
7 What's A Place Like You …
Side 2
8 Meanwhile …
9 In The Nursery
10 Oi Skinhead
Psychic TV were for this project: Grey Wolf, Priestess, Lorec, H, Godkrist
Album Concept bij H
Photograph by H. Vilhelmsson
Lay-out by Jens Kr. Gud
Wolf-Label artwork by Robert Guillemette

Vocalist, violin, electric bass: Genesis P-Orridge & Paula P-Orridge
Guitar: Alex Fergusson
Tapes, drums: John Gosling and Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson
Assistance: Hubert Noi, Ebbi and Stanya
Engineer: Tryggvi H
Production: Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson
Background vocalist: 5V's in “The Full Pack
Space-time idea: Eden32
Publication: Crippled Frog Music
Cut: Steve Angel at Utopia
Acknowledgments: Asmundur & Dora for the dedication to the project and Hubert Noi for unfailing support
Wikipedia & Text on the inside of this Double Album
Now as CD Reissued & Remastered with Different Front Cover
Reissue of the classic album, first released in 1984 by the Icelandic label, Gramm. This music was the fourth in a series of 23 live recordings of Psychic TV originally issued by Temple Records during the 1980's. This CD is deconstructed from recordings of a live concert by Psychic TV in Reykjavik, Iceland that took place in November 1983 organised by HÖH and Gramm Records and is remastered from the original real tapes. Features a line-up of Genesis P-Orridge, Peter Christopherson and Geoff Rushton (aka John Balance) of COIL, Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson, Alex Fergusson and John 'Zos Kia' Gosling.
Limited Edition of 1,500 copies.
Song Titles
1 - Astru Naming Ritual For Caresse (0:38)
2 - Those Who Do Knot (5:30)
3 - Astru Naming Ritual For Caresse (1:17)
4 - Attraction Romantique (7:31)
5 - Astru Naming Ritual For Caresse (0:23
6 - Burn Again Fears (3:01)
7 - Astru Naming Ritual For Caresse (3:00)
8 - Jesus Please Us / Oi Skinhead! (13:40)
9 - Thee Wolf Tracks (3:54)
10 - Astru Naming Ritual For Caresse (2:07)
11 - What's A Place Like You... (6:24)
12 - Meanwhile (7:46)
13 - Nursery With A Scar (11:17)
14 - Skinhead Sunstomp! (3:14)
15 - Astru Naming Ritual For Caresse (3:12)

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