laugardagur, september 27, 2008

New Blog Project: I love Icelandic Music joins Music Alliance Pact

There are a lot of music blogs. Recently I got an e-mail of Jason of the Scottish The Pop Cop blog about joining an international blogging project with my blog.
Under the name Music Alliance Pact (MAP), there will by a monthly post of songs on the 15th of every month. Each blog posts the Song of the Month of all the other blogs too.

The participating blogs/countries so far (more countries to come?):
America - I Guess I'm Floating
Argentina - Zonaindie
Australia - Who The Bloody Hell Are They?
China - Chinese Music Blog
Denmark - Pastries, Peppers And Canals...
England - The Daily Growl
Iceland - I Love Icelandic Music
Ireland - Nialler9
Italy - Polaroid
Peru - SoTB
Scotland - The Pop Cop
Spain - El Blog De La Nadadora
Sweden - Swedesplease
Launch Date 15. October 2008.

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