þriðjudagur, september 09, 2008

Kimi Records Label News

The Record Label based @ Akureyri Kimi goes Scandinavia
Kimi Label releases for the Scandinavian music market to be expected in the period late September and early November are:
Hellvar - Bat Out Of Hellvar
Hjaltalín - Sleepdrunk Seasons
Benni Hemm Hemm - Murta St. Calunga
Morðingjarnir - Áfram Ísland!
- Sweaty Psalms
These albums will be available @ www.dotshop.se

Kimi Records Evening @ 10th Iceland Airwaves Festival
Wednesday Evening 15. October
The Line-up, venue and time need to be confirmed.

Two Expected Releases on the very productive Kimi Label
The new album is expected early November 2008!

Retro Stefson
Their Debut album "Montaña" features 13 tracks & gets a release in October.
More Kimi @

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