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Bubbi Morthens in Huge Concert @ Copenhagen 18. October

Tonight I read some IceNews about Bubbi, Iceland's most popular singer; although almost unknown outside(rs) Iceland. Here's the news:
Iceland’s most famous musical secret, Bubbi Morthens, is to play a one-off gig in Copenhagen’s Falconer Salen on Saturday 18 October.
Bubbi is probably the most famous Icelander not to be recognised outside his home country: he is a domestic star extraordinaire and one of Iceland’s favourite sons.
Singing mostly in Icelandic, Bubbi’s musical styles make an impressive list from rock to country, and even reggae and rap. The star’s famous ego means he speaks his mind and always puts on a great show – just two of the reasons he is so esteemed.
Bubbi Morthens’s early recordings were clearly influenced by Iggy Pop and other artists – a fact which was always going to prove popular in Iceland (especially sung in Icelandic).
Beginning as a solo artist, Bubbi headed a procession of short-lived but truly iconic bands before becoming a solo artist again. Always at the forefront, the man and the bands pushed Iceland’s musical boundaries; most notably as a guiding light for the punk New Age movement with his band the Utangardsmenn (Outsiders).
A champion of workers’ rights and defender of the poor in society, Bubbi’s music has always been strongly political, although some of his more recent work is significantly lighter in tone.
Concertgoers at the Copenhagen gig can expect a career-spanning mix of Bubbi’s hits and a spectacular show put on in a carnival atmosphere. The atmosphere will come from the crowd – most of whom will be in town just for the gig and to have fun – but the spectacular show will all be the work of Mr Bubbi Morthens: Iceland’s best-loved singer (Possibly Maybe).
To celebrate the show, Iceland’s low-cost airline, Iceland Express, has created a discount package to help fans get to Copenhagen for less from Iceland.
More details are available at www.expressferdir.is if you speak Icelandic, and by calling +354 5 900 100 if you don’t.
Source: Alex @ IceNews
Bubbi's Homepage: www.bubbi.is
Photograph of Bubbi @ Nordic House @ Airwaves 2007 by Wim Van Hooste

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