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Georg Holm of Sigur Rós about their hardcore or should I say devoted fans

A few weeks ago, I posted a message about the Gluteus Maximus Remix of Sigur Rós Song "Gobbledigook" on the message board of the band. I had the guts to criticize a lot of the messages on this board, concerning everything except the music of the band or even Icelandic music. You shouldn't discuss the end of the country Belgium on such a forum, or about getting your PhD, etc. Plenty of opportunities on the internet btw. Sorry that's the way I think about it. I'll never post there anything from now on.
But as reaction these so called "die hard fans" start to criticize the maker of a blog called "I love Icelandic music" - and the craziness of liking Icelandic music only just because it is made in Iceland! And laughing with the way I put my exclamation mark! Like this !!! With a space inbetween !!! But not always!!!
It's an eyecatcher/catch phrase and it doesn't say I love all Icelandic music! I don't put my energy in posting bullshit.
See this message board (or should I say message bored) for yourself @ www.sigur-ros.co.uk > message board
Some of these folks need to get a real life and learn to read properly before reacting.

Now Georg Holm of the band had found the guts to say this about some fans in Sunday Times:
"Sometimes when you meet the really hardcore fans, you do think, 'What are you on about?' Basically, they've misunderstood us. They've decided we're certain types of people, and we're not. It's absolute nonsense. ... Anyone you meet in the street is doing something creative. They're never just doing their nine-to-five job. In my opinion, it's sometimes a little bit fake - you know, people just doing it because everyone else is."
Source: Sunday Times of 7. September

Read the hole article @ Times Online

More Sigur Rós @ www.sigurros.com

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