mánudagur, september 08, 2008

With love from Uganda: "All is full of love" - Africa goes Björk

Björk's song "All Is Full Of Love" is covered by Ugandan children and youths on an album by a organization called Bitone (meaning "talent"). Their mission is to restore the lives and hopes of children between 8 and 18 years old in Uganda, whom have been traumatized by the death of their parents or loss of their home due to disease, war, or economic hardship.
The program was founded by Branco Sekalegga and Hassan Kayemba with the vision of "Restoring Hope by Nurturing the Body and Spirit." Bitone youth are provided with basic food and shelter, a nurturing environment, an academic education, and counseling. Through learning traditional African music, dance, folklore and theater, the children build self-esteem, become self-reliant and contribute to creating a peaceful future for the next generations of Ugandans and others worldwide.
The record was recorded with a laptop and one microphone in the center's living room (which also serves as the dining and bedroom depending on the hour), and is being sold as a fundraising tool for the center's growth and stability.
More @ www.myspace.com/bitonetroupe & www.bitonechildren.org

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