laugardagur, mars 20, 2010

Love Story from the Mountains: Free Concert of Egill Ólafsson & Caput @ Gerðuberg Arts Centre 21. March 2010

Tomorrow Sunday 21. March 2010 there is a free concert of Icelandic musician Egill Ólafsson together with the Caput Ensemble @ the Gerðuberg Arts/Culture Center, Gerðuberg 3-5, 111 Reykjavík @ 14:00-15:00. They are going to play a composition based on A Giant Love Story by Gudrún Helgadóttir: "Love Story from the Mountains" (Ástarsögu úr fjöllunum).
The concert is part of the Gerðuberg
Tóney concert series.
Egill Ólafsson



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