miðvikudagur, júlí 04, 2007

Hot damn!

Hot damn! "Hot damn, that woman is a man"
Hot Damn! is a side-project that features two of Iceland's best known rockers. Jenni - the vocalist - became an overnight sensation when he joined stoner-rock band Brain Police which he gave the extra push needed for national stardom. The guitarist, Smári Tarfur, is best known for his international work with punk-rap outfit Quarashi - which released the album Jinx on Columbia/Sony back in 2002 and did worldwide tours in support, including USA, Canada, Australia and Japan.
In Hot Damn!, both musicians sport a brand-new side, exploring the bluesy and acoustic part of music. Hot Damn, That Woman Is A Man was the summer-hit of 2004 in the Land of Ice and is in fact a true story about an Icelander that hits the jackpot in Amsterdam, ladywise.
Taken of their debut album, The Big'n Nasty Groove'O Mutha, out now on Ruf Rat Records.
Produced by TheGaur

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