þriðjudagur, júlí 31, 2007

Song of the 20. Week: "Fjöll Í Austri Fagurblá" by Steindor Andersen & Sigur Ros

Finally, each song comes to an end. Also the good song by Lada Sport, a band getting popular in their homeland these days. After 3 weeks time for a new song "Fjöll Í Austri Fagurblá": a product of the brilliant collaboration of Sigur Ros with the rimur singer Steindor Andersen.
This track can be found on Steindor Andersen's 2001 self-titled EP.
More information on Steindor can also be found in the book "Waking up in Iceland" by Paul Sullivan, a must read for everybody who loves Icelandic music.
Or more of this collaboration can be found online @

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