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Iceland Airwaves Festival 17th-21st of October 2007

October 17th-21st, 2007
Approximately170 bands, solo-artists and DJs are set to perform at this year’s edition of
Iceland Airwaves.
Headline acts confirmed so far include: !!! (US), Annuals (US), Best Fwends (US), Bloc Party (UK), Bonde do Role (BR), Boys In A Band (FO), Chromeo (CA) and of Monreal (US), while Buck 65 (CA) and Jenny Wilson (SE) appear as international solo artists.
As ever, local talent will make up around two thirds of the program. Icelandic stars scheduled to play are: AMPOP, Benni Hemm Hemm, Benny Crespo’s Gang, Dikta, Esja, FM Belfast, GusGus, Mammu, mum, Reykjavik!, Seabear, Motion Boys, Hjaltalin, Gavin Portland, Sign, Sprengjuhollin, Steed Lord, Ultra Mega Technoband Stefan, Eberg, Kira Kira, Lay Low, Mugison, Olof Arnalds, Petur Ben and My Summer as a Salvation Soldier.
Mr. Destiny has organised Iceland Airwaves in cooperation with Icelandair annually since 1999, when the event started out as a talent show for foreign record company executives. Since then the event has grown and blossomed and is now an integral part of cultural life in Reykjavík.
The fruits of the festival's labour have been ripening and many Icelandic artists such as Quarashi, Minus, Sigur Ros, Apparat Organ Quartet, Trabant, The Leaves and more have gone onto international fame.
Making a point of always showcasing a healthy mixture of local and international talent, the festival often features bands on the brink of it-dom well before they gain international notoriety (cases in point: The Rapture, TV on the Radio, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah). Iceland Airwaves’ location – in the numerous and infamous bars and clubs of downtown 101 area – adds a final touch of charm to the world’s northernmost music festival.
Airwaves has also become an essential part of the fall schedule for A&R agents and media worldwide. The festival attracts approximately 2.000 people from abroad annually (over half of those from the music industry) to sample the freshest sounds - foreign and domestic. Some are in search of fresh talent, others for inspiration; yet others seek adventure on the artic circle.
During the whole festival - from afternoon into the night - parties, instore shows, DJ & band gigs will be taking place in selected record shops, bars and galleries all over downtown Reykjavik. All is part of Iceland Airwaves 'off venue' program. Here you can catch some of the festival biggest acts, often playing surprise instore/bar gigs, and exciting local acts, who in some cases didn't make it do the official festival bill.
Reykjavík’s proximity to a plethora of geysers, waterfalls and other natural phenomena unlike anything found elsewhere in the world, helps earn the festival further merit, although its main attraction has always been the music.

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