sunnudagur, apríl 13, 2008

"Girls night out" Video by Alda (Björk Ólafsdóttir)

90s Icelandic Pop Music by Alda, full name Alda Björk Olafsdottir, a sort of Sylvia Night avant la lettre or the Icelander with the crazy hair who isn't Björk.
Her 2 Previous Singles were "Let your body move" with Urban K Loud (1994) & first Solo Single "Real good time" (1998). Her album on Wildstar Records was called "Out of Alda" (1998).
Now is working in a catering company @ London.
"Girls night out" (1998) is not a cover of the American Taylor Dane's song with the same title. This Video reminds me of the Spice Girls Movie. So if Nylon are not the Icelandic Spice Girls, Alda defenitely was the Icelandic Spice Girl.

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