mánudagur, apríl 28, 2008

Happy Birthday 12 Tónar!

Seminal Icelandic record-shop-cum-label 12 Tónar is celebrating 10 years in the business! Founded in 1998 in Reykjavík, 12 Tónar has been well received by music lovers from the offset, when it quickly became a meeting point for musicians like Björk, Sigur Rós, múm, as well as core classical composers and performers.
The shop is known as a friendly place where you can sit down, listen to a wide selection of music on two floors, enjoy free espresso or tea, read magazines and relax. Fridays often feature live music. In 2006 12 Tónar was awarded the prestigious title Shop of the Year by the City of Reykjavik, and today the label also acts as a distributor of Icelandic music and an importer and distributor for many foreign labels.
Since 2003 the label has released over 50 albums from a variety of musical genres and artists, and their releases are now distributed in Europe through Cargo Records, Germany.

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