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GusGus as DJs @ Ting Club Bremen, Germany 1. November 2008

Members of Icelandic band GusGus will perform as DJs in Ting Club in Bremen, Germany, tonight. Apart from playing new trendsetting songs, the GusGus DJs will play material from their upcoming album.
Since June the trio has been debuting new songs in recent concerts around the world, Reykjavík, Tokyo, Zürich, Prague and London. In between concerts, they are working on recording their new album in Tankurinn studio in the remote Önundarfjördur, as stated in a press release.
GusGus’ concert at the Iceland Airwaves festival has received positive reviews, for example in ArtistDirect:
On a purely visual level alone, the trio's performance was a triumph. [...] I haven't smiled and stumbled my way through a dance act like this since Hercules and Love Affair was in town. Extra props go to singer Daníel Ágúst Haraldsson, a consummate performer who treated the stage as his private runway.”
GusGus Live @ Prague

Source: Iceland Review Online

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