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Sloppy Belgian (Flemish) Journalism on Iceland - Part 2 or the never ending story

As I wrote here before, Belgian Journalists don't do their homework. Please stop stereotyping Iceland and write the truth please, or don't publish it! Also Björk asked it some time ago in Grapevine Magazine.
Some people asked me what do they write, tell & broadcast in Belgium.
Here is just a selection I made of Iceland coverage in the Belgian (Flemish) media this week to illustrate it & to make my point: - 150,000 Icelanders/inhabitants? (Daily Newspaper Het Nieuwsblad (The Newspaper) this week)
- 50,000 toerists a year? (Newspaper Het Nieuwsblad)
- 10 EUR for a beer? (they suggest with using the word "pintje" a small beer 0,25 liter) (my most expensive beer ever in Iceland was @ Astro Bar Airwaves 2006: 9 EUR for for 0,5 liter) (Newspaper Het Nieuwsblad)
All the Icelandic girls/ladies are flaxen-haired blond. Just look @ Björk ;-) (Daily Newspaper Het Laatste Nieuws (The Latest News)).

The Icelandic pony one of the most pure horse breeds in the world? What kind of a sentence is this (Het Laatste Nieuws)?

The word "pony" reminds me of The Sugarcubes song "Cowboy" (on the Elektra Album (USA version of) "Life's too good").
Einar Örn Benediktsson sings:
Cowboy, Cowboy, in the big town
I'm a cowboy in the big town
I'm looking for my pony
A man's best friend is his pony
I'm a cowboy
Aaah, cowboy!

Ever heard of Godefoss? (Het Laatste Nieuws) Instead of beautiful Goðafoss.

Ever been to the town Hyargerdi? (Het Laatste Nieuws) Hveragerði is much nicer.
In Belgian Music Magazine RifRaf (bilangual magazine French/Flemish) Jóhann Jóhannsson (J.J) is Jóhannsson (double s) in the article in French, but Jóhannson (1 s) in the Flemish version:
In Newspaper De Morgen Bang Gang's 2nd Album was called "Something's wrong" instead of "Something wrong".
Thank you Mario Vaerewijck & Leo Verbeke for providing the articles.

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