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Two New Acts on Kimi Records Label: Sin Fang Bous & Agent Fresco

Kimi Sign Two More!
Kimi Records signed two new acts last week. The label, which has established itself as one of Iceland’s leading imprints in the last year or so, are co-releasing (with Morr Music) the debut album of Seabear leader Sin Fang Bous (Sindri Már Sigfússon) in Iceland. The album is called "Clangour" and will be released as LP, CD and Digital, as well as a 7" (Advent in Ives Garden) next week.
The second signing are Agent Fresco, a band who received rave reviews for their recent Airwaves shows. Kimi will be releasing their EP (Lightbulb Universe) in late November/early December, 2008. The EP is a 6-song epic mathrock release that - reckon the label - is going to change the Icelandic music scene.
Sin Fang Bous @ www.myspace.com/sinfangbous
Agent Fresco @ www.myspace.com/agentfresco
Source: IMX
Kimi @ www.kimirecords.net

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