laugardagur, desember 31, 2011

Ben Frost "Stomp" in the Scanner RMX

Ben Frost
"Stomp" (Scanner Remix), a track on the Yule 2011 compilation of Bedroom Community
If you buy something in December (hurry up) @ Bedroom Community website you get it for free!
Full track list:
Puzzle Muteson — Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Nico Muhly — Once in Royal David's City
Daníel Bjarnason — Spindrift / Montauk in February Remix
Valgeir Sigurðsson — Flesh and Wine and Firewood
Ben Frost — Stomp / Scanner Remix
Nico Muhly — The Holly and the Ivy
Ben Frost — The Gravity of Numbers
Daníel Bjarnason — Air to Breath / Montauk in February Remix
Sam Amidon — How Come That Blood / FM Belfast Remix

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