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Toggi "Smart Bundle"

Toggi, the singer/songwriter has been a quite influential figure on the Icelandic music scene for the last 5 years, or since the release of his debut album "Puppy" late in 2006. A partnership with Iceland‘s brightest local pop star, the gay disco icon Páll Óskar resulted in two songs for the platinum-selling 2007 album „Allt fyrir Ástina“. A few months later, Icelands indie-darlings Hjaltalín covered one of those songs, called „Þú komst við hjartað í mér“ and it became an instant classic.

Since 2008 Toggi has been recording his sophomore album along with his band. The new material has a bigger, more dynamic sound to it than his debut album, and takes quite a different direction lyricly. While Puppy was more sincere and sweet, the new material has more humour in it and packs a heavier punch. It touches on darker themes, such as domestic violence, sexual abuse, insecurites, death and of course, the Icelandic economic crisis but always from an unusual perspective and with a bit of tongue-in-cheek humour. Since the summer of 2008 Toggi has released 6 singles of the new album, all of which have met with great success at Icelandic radio stations. Toggi‘s sophomore album; the 14 track "Wonderful Secrets" was released in Iceland on 4. November along with a 12 song digital album titled "Private Confessions & Clumsy Poetry", consisting of acoustic versions of popular songs, demos and b-sides.
"Smart Bundle"

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