laugardagur, desember 17, 2011

Yule 2011: Bedroom Community Christmas Compilation

Bedroom Community made a special Christmas compilation album with previously unreleased material; Yule 2011. Like least year, the album will be free to download exclusively with every purchase made through the web store throughout December.
The album contains previously unreleased music by Valgeir Sigurðsson, Ben Frost, Nico Muhly, Sam Amidon, Daníel Bjarnason and Puzzle Muteson, including remixes by Scanner, FM Belfast and Montauk.
  • Puzzle Muteson — Will You Love Me Tomorrow
  • Nico Muhly — Once in Royal David's City
  • Daníel Bjarnason — Spindrift / Montauk in February Remix
  • Valgeir Sigurðsson — Flesh and Wine and Firewood
  • Ben Frost — Stomp / Scanner Remix
  • Nico Muhly — The Holly and the Ivy
  • Ben Frost — The Gravity of Numbers
  • Daníel Bjarnason — Air to Breath / Montauk in February Remix
  • Sam Amidon — How Come That Blood / FM Belfast Remix
The name derives from the Icelandic "yule lads" - the thirteen mischievous santa clauses, sons of Grýla, who were said to eat children and steal stuff.

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