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Hinn íslenski þursaflokkur & Caput @ Laugardalshöll / 23. February 2008

Next year, Hinn íslenski Thursaflokkur & Caput, 2 Icelandic bands who cover 30 years of Icelandic music history, will perform @ Laugardalshöll, Reykjavik.
Date: 23. February 2008.
Þursarflokkur celebrates their 30th Anniversary, 'cause their first gig was in February 1978.

The website of Caput for more information is

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Nice blog.
I'd like to ask you sth.
I want to buy the box of Þursarflokkur but in an icelandic webshop. Could u tell me where can I find it?