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3rd Eberg Album "Antidote" Released in Japan on Rallye Label 11. February 2009

Eberg's third album"Antidote" will be released first in Japan: 11. February under the flag of music Label Rallye.
The Songs are:
1. Antidote
2. One Step At The Time -bonus track
3. The Right Thing To Do
4. Reykjavik
5. Been Thinking of You
6. All Day and All of The Nigfht -bonus track
7. Daybrake
8. No Need To Worry
9. Let's Spend The Day
10. Your Kindness is Cruel
11. The Boy Likes Them Both
12. Februray Sky
13. Instrumental -bonus Track
Rallye also distributed Eberg's last Album "Voff Voff'" in Japan.
Ilustrator Ryoji Arai designed the cover art.
Download a song for free: "One step at the time"
Listen to 3 more new songs @ Eberg's MySpace:
"The right thing to do"
"Been thinking of you"

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