mánudagur, janúar 26, 2009

Sudden Weather Change signed to Kimi Records Label - Debut Album expected for March 2009

Sudden Weather Change whose 6-track EP back in December 2006 sent small crowds wild, and who rocked bigger audiences at both the 2007 and 2008 with their brand of soulful, energetic alt-rock, have signed up to Iceland’s most proactive new label.
“Kimi signed Sudden Weather Change because they are a good band and they are in it for the right reasons,” comments Kimi's Big Kahuna Baldvin Esra Einarsson. “They play honest, wholesome guitar-driven indierock with some good harmonizing vocals. Their songs are good and the sound of their album is very good. We are planning on releasing the album on CD, Vinyl and Digital together in Iceland and Europe, and are always on the look out for collaborators all over the world, whether distributors, licensees, publishers or tour agents.”
Sudden Weather Change’s debut album is expected to drop in March 2009.
Kimi @ www.kimirecords.net
Source: IMX
Sudden Weather Change @ www.myspace.com/suddenweatherchange

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