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Female Icelandic artists @ Swiss Nordklang Festival 7. February

Busy times for the Icelandic artists. Also the ladies are going on tour:
Kira Kira & Hafdís Huld @ Nordklang
Two of Iceland’s most enigmatic female starlets will play the third edition of the excellent Nordklang Festival in St. Gallen, East Switzerland next month. Experimental composer and visual artist Kira Kira and internationally renowned pop artist Hafdís Huld will join a considered selection of Nordic bands, including Denmark’s Choir Of Young Believers and Vincent Van Go Go to Swedish duo Montys Loco and Finnish folk band Jouhiorkesteri. The festival runs from the 7th-8th February.
7. February @ Kellerbühne: 22:45 - 24:00
Kira Kira
As a founding member of Icelandic art collective Kitchen Motors, Kira Kira has been a pivotal figure in contemporary Icelandic music, composing music extensively for theatre, dance and film and creating a myriad of sound and film installations everywhere from Beijing to New York. Taking a particular interest in blurring the lines between music and visual arts Kira has often appeared in castle towers, gallery spaces or curious hidden places and created lasting images of singing black holes, duelling smoke machines and exploding cassette tapes across the globe. Her second LP, "Our Map to The Monster Olympics" came out on June 26th 2008, on Smekkleysa Records in Iceland and Afterhours in Japan.
Kira Kira is also on tour throughout Europe:
European Tour Dates
14. January 20:00 Elfer Music Club Frankfurt
15. January 20:00 Feinkostlampe Hannover
16. January 20:00 KFZ Marburg
17. January 21:00 Cafe Cairo Würzburg
18. January 20:00 Asta Kneipe Rosenheim Rosenheim
19. January 20:00 Madame Claude Berlin
20. January 21:00 Cafe Mule Leipzig
21. January 21:00 AZ Conni Dresden
22. January 20:00 Fluc Wien
23. January 20:30 Rockhouse Salzburg
24. January 21:30 Bad Bonn Düdingen
25. January 21:30 Mariaberg Rorschach
26. January 20:00 Traffic Rome
27. January 20:00 Ecoteca Pescara
28. January 22:00 Diagonál Forli
30. January 21:30 Recyclart Brussels (B)
1. February 20:00 Cultuurhuis Maison Maldegem (B)
3. February 20:00 International Paris, Ile-de-France
4. February 22:30 USVA Groningen (NL)
5. February 20:00 Astra Stube Hamburg (D)
6. February 20:00 Huset i Magstræde (musikcaféen) Copenhagen (DK)
7. February 20:00 Nordklang Festival St. Gallen (CH)
Hafdís Huld
Hafdís Huld started singing with nine-piece Icelandic collective Gus Gus when she was just 15 years old. She toured the world through out the rest of her teens, enjoying Europe-wide recognition and widespread attention across the UK and America. When she had time away from her busy performing schedule she developed her acting career, winning lead roles in several Icelandic films. On moving to the UK Hafdís was keen to start writing her own songs and quickly collaborated with FC Kahuna, co-writing their singles ‘Hayling’ and ‘Machine Says Yes’ at the same time starting to develop songs that would eventually form the basis of her solo album ‘Dirty Paper Cup’. In spring ‘06 Hafdis signed a solo recording deal with UK independent label Redgrape, and from that ‘Dirty Paper Cup’ was released, written with collaborators including Chris Corner from Sneaker Pimps, Pascal Gabriel and producer Jim ‘Arctic Monkeys’ Abbiss. She is now back in the studio not only working on her second album.
"Hayling" of FC Kahuna

Source: IMX

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