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Hjaltalín Showcase @ Libération

Icelandic band showcased by French news site
The website of the French Newspaper Libération included the Icelandic band Hjaltalín in its weekend music ‘audiocast’. La Playlist first introduced the band and described their sound before playing their song "Goodbye July Margt að Ugga’.
The album "Sleepdrunk Seasons" will be released in France in January, but was released in January 2008 in Iceland and can already be downloaded internationally.
The presenter talks about the band’s successful exploitation of the internet in getting their name and their music heard, although he says they are not a typical “internet band”. The band was chosen for inclusion in the 20-minute programme of five acts by Sophian Fanen, Libération music critic.
According to Libération, Hjaltalín’s style could be described as ‘chamber pop’ – using classical instruments and more contemporary, grungy vocals.
20. January 2009 @ Café De La Danse 5, passage Louis Philippe
19:00 with Mugison the 1. part
21. January 2009 @ Orange Magic Mirrors à Cannes
19:00 with The Parlotones

Don't forget:
The band is also playing in The Netherlands @ Noorderslag/Eurosonic Festival on Thursday 15. January & in Belgium @ Cultuurhuis Maison @ Maldegem Saturday 17. January.
Hjaltalín @ Kimi Records Evening @ Tunglid venue @ Iceland Airwaves October 2008

Hjaltalín @ www.myspace.com/hjaltalinband
Kimi Label @ www.kimirecords.net

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