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FM Belfast goes Belgium - Interview @ DaMusic

Read an Interview with Loa by Koen Van Dijck @ DaMusic (in Dutch).
I translated most of the Q&A for you:
You started as a duo, now a band & European release of the album. How serious are you taking this?
We take it very serious. We put all our time in this project. As long as we are having fun, we keep on doing this.
In Underwear you sing "We come from a place where we count down the days / Until nothing, until nothing, until nothing" and in Par Avion you're dreaming of a Caribbean island. Are you bored of Iceland?
It can be very claustrofobic here in Iceland, especially when you're not the type of person that is going out. It probably has to do with the place of Iceland in the world. Iceland isn't boring, sometimes you want to break out and escape to a tropical island.

You're music sounds like Vive La Fête, Stereo Total, Kraftwerk & Telex. Do you listen to these bands?
Sure we are fans of Kraftwerk and Stereo Total. We didn't know Telex (Belgian band), but we did some research on them, and I have to say it sounds great. Thanks to mention us this band.
'How To Make Friends' was released in Iceland in 2008. Can we start dreaming about a second album?
We can't make a promise, but we hope to start with a new album this year. We have about 20 songs in the pipeline, but we're not sure we are going to do something with all of them.

There is no masterplan FM Belfast?

No, not really. We are going to work hard and hope everything is gonna be alright.

FM Belfast
together with Mugison & Helgri Hrafn Jonsson on 25. February 2010 @ Botanique @ 20:00.

"Back & Spine" Live @ Opening Party of Icelandair Iceland Airwaves festival, October 2007. The first time I saw them performing.

"I can feel love" @ Aldrei Festival, West Fjords, April 2009

FM Belfast Site

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