mánudagur, febrúar 15, 2010

Song of the 151. Week: "Now I Know" by Markús & The Diversion Sessions

151. Song of the Week is a song by Markús & The Diversion Sessions "Now I Know".
Song lyrics by Markús Bjarnason, the former frontman of the indie rock band Skátar (Boy Scouts):


oh how I would like to tell you
the whole truth and nothing
but it
it is hard
but it´s even harder
telling you a lie,
for now i know
there is a god
above me,
within and without
him i am
nothing, nothing at all...
now all i got to do
is try to understand
and follow a plan.
Dont rock the boat
dont rock the boat, over
before its all over.
Dont rock the boat ,, honey
before its all over, then you and
I we can rock the boat over...
because then we are thru..
me and you.
Yes it is safe to say
that I allready miss you
but what i miss more
is the man i was before
i met you
and i should have told you
much sooner
then today.

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