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Icelandic Recording Studios - Part 3: Island Studios @ Vestmannaeyjar

On the islands on the south coast of Iceland, Vestmanneyjar, there are a lot of puffins & some sheep, and also a recording studio, next to the old & new volcano. The main island Heimaey became world famous in the year 1973 when suddenly a volcano came to live. The eruption destroyed a lot of houses, all inhabitants were evacuated & the narrow harbour entrance was saved by cooling the lava by pumping ocean water on it.
In the sixties a new volcanic island Surtsey appeared out of the blue.
Many years later, the harbour & cave was the new home for orka Keiko, aka the star of the movie Free Willy.
Record on an active volcanic island
Island Studios
A Recording Studio @ Vestmannaeyjar
Island Studios has been a venue of musical excellence for over 80 years. It was built in 1926 as a church for the pentecostal and operated as such until 1995. It then became a nursery until 2007 when it was taken over by Island Studios.
Island Studios offers most facilities a good studio should encompass. Among those a 115m2 recording studio, 3 recording rooms, a large control room and ‘chill-out’ zone. Also on the premises is a cozy flat where artists can stay for free whilst recording, and a wireless internet connection is available in the whole building.
Island Studios is overall an excellent option for those who want to record their music in a stunning environment, away from the stress of modern day life. It is our ambition to offer all the services you require for maximum results.
Clients in the past were:
Jack London
Morning After Youth
Mezzoforte & Helgi Briem
Daníel Ágúst
of GusGus fame
Rósa & The Ultra Tight
Local band Hoffman
Foreign Monkeys
Island Studios

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