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Jónsi Interview @ Gigwise: "Our music has been raped on British TV" / San Remo Music Festival uses Hoppipolla

There is a lot of fuzz about the use of a Sigur Rós tune @ the Italian San Remo Music Festival.
A so called New Music Piece by Il Maestro Sabiu, entitled "Sabiu's Number 7 Symphony" , a "tribute" to the band Sigur Rós, but it is just an precise rip-off of the original: Hoppipolla.
Judge for yourself, AngelChildxxx mixed the 2 here:
In an interview with Gigwise Jónsi complainted about the (over)use of their music on British TV.
Read more here @ Gigwise or some quotes here:
Jónsi said: “Hoppipolla has been raped on British TV. In some weird way, the national TV here in Britain doesn't have to ask permission to use songs if it's in the background of TV shows or whatever."
Jónsi continued that he didn't mind Hoppipolla being used to promote the pioneering 2006 BBC nature show Planet Earth.
“The David Attenborough show was cool though (Planet Earth),” he added. “We're all big fans of his.”

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