laugardagur, desember 03, 2011

Dad Rocks! Live @ BTR Studio

Dad Rocks!
Denmark-based Icelander Snaevar Njall Albertsson, the multi-instrumentalist mastermind behind Dad Rocks!, creates beautiful music that wavers between sparse, introspective folk and intricate, sonic bursts of orchestra rock. The straightforward guitar work is playful and the weaving arrangements are richly-textured ? seemingly perfect for his songs, whose stories often reveal perspectives from both the naive, innocent child and the wise, serious parent. Similarly, his voice is tinged with a vulnerable tenderness, despite its deep and gravelly quality.
"Mount Modern" is the debut album by Dad Rocks!
Dad Rocks! on Bandcamp
About Live Studio on BTR:
BTR Live Studio features a mix of breaking and established musicians playing exclusive sets in our studios, then sitting down for a chat with host Maia MacDonald. Maia is a musician and DJ who's been involved with the music scene for a number of years and has a knack for asking the questions that musicians actually enjoy answering.

Dad Rocks! - BTR Live Studio [ep77] from BreakThru Radio TV

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