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The Band Ensimi is established as one of the top rock acts in Iceland.

Ensimi was formed in 1996 by Jón Örn Arnarson and Hrafn Thoroddsen. Franz Gunnarsson joined the line-up shortly after formation. The debut album "Kafbatamusik" was released in October 1998 by Dennis Records. The following year Ensimi was voted Best Newcomer and "Atari" the Song of the Year at the Icelandic Music Awards.

In 1999 Steve Albini, who's best known for his work with Nirvana and The Pixies, expressed his interest in working with the band. As a result Albini came to Iceland and engineered and recorded half of Ensimi's second album "BMX" which was released in the fall of 1999.

Ensimi released their third and self-titled album in October 2002. The album was produced and recorded by Ensimi in their home based studio “Astarsorg”. The album received rave reviews and nominations at the Icelandic Music Awards.

Early 2003 saw Ensimi transformation commence, Jón Örn left his post as drummer and the spot was filled by Arnar Gíslason. Another addition to the line-up was Kristinn Gunnar Blöndal aka KGB who handles keyboard duties.

The first recording with this Line-up was released on a compilation called Free Palestine to raise money for the children of the Balata refugee camps in Palestine. Ensimi donated an exclusive track called "Fairground" to the relief effort.

The first single taken from the yet unreleased 4th album was released summer 2005 called "Slow Return". The single reached the number one spot in the X- Dominos alternative chart. Ensimi are currently finishing the work on their fourth album (work title Parkaboy) in their studio.

Ensimi have toured the US several times playing clubs and South by Southwest festival in Austin Texas. The band has also hit Europe with tours and releases (Ireland release 2004), Fuhrer Ex Soundtrack, exclusive radio and TV performances.

The Band is established as one of the top rock acts in Iceland.

Hrafn Thoroddsen: Vocals/guitar
Franz Gunnarsson: Guitar/vocals
Guðni Finnsson: Bass
Arnar Thor Gislason: Drums
Kristinn Gunnar: Keyboards

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