laugardagur, febrúar 17, 2007

Sigur Rós Concert Protest

Sigur Rós Protest Highway Plans

Steinunn Jakobsdóttir


Sigur Rós, along with Bogomil Font and Flís, Pétur Ben, Amiina and Benni Hemm Hemm have organized a concert that will take place in Héðinshús in Reykjavík next Sunday. The goal of the concert is to support the Varmá organization, an environmentalist movement whose primary goal is to fight authorities’ plans to construct a new highway in the Varmá area in small town Mosfellsbær.

The Varmá organization has been protesting the local authorities decision to construct a new highway in Mosfellsbær that will cut through the landscape around Varmá and Álafoss, an area cherished by the town’s inhabitants because of its natural beauty and historical importance. Sigur Rós’s members have great concerns regarding these plans, as the highway is supposed to be built right next to their ‘swimming pool’ studio, but the Álafoss area also happens to be home to many artists and musicians who chose the location due to its peacefulness and countryside feel, something that will undoubtedly change if the highway plans become a reality. According to Sigur Rós’ website, ‘all proceeds will be used to appeal the proposed highway, and to encourage the city counsel to divert the highway through a less destructive route.’

The concerts start at 20:00 and tickets can be bought at for 3.200 ISK.

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