sunnudagur, febrúar 04, 2007

Steindór Andersen - Rímur Poetry

Steindór Andersen was born in Iceland in 1954 and developed an early interest in the poetry of the 'rímur', an ancient chanted or intoned form of Icelandic pic song/poem. Steindór is one of the foremost performers of rímur in contemporary Iceland and has contributed to the revival of the tradition in recent years, boosted by his collaboration with the internationally acclaimed Icelandic band Sigur Rós.

Steindór continues to preserve the tradition so that others may draw inspiration and enjoyment from this simple, yet elaborate, form of music and poetry. His voice displays a flexibility that, while understated, gradually becomes more than a little awe-inspiring as one comes to realize the absolute control necessary to pull these chants off. Steindór also works as a fisherman and captains his own ship (called Iðunn), just to remind us of that earthy practicality that seems to be an integral part of the Icelandic national character.


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