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Review by Sindri Eldon of New album by Ampop (2007)

Ampop - Sail To The Moon
Score: 1 / 5
Sindri Eldon

Published in Grapevine Magazine: Issue 3 on Thursday, March 08, 2007

Grandiose and epic in scale, Sail To The Moon is still hardly more than a tired rehash of songs we’ve been listening to on indie radio stations for ten years, only more pretentious and self-involved, with some very unwelcome showtunes and blues influences thrown in to make it even less listenable. Bedecked in the vast amount of trinkets one has come to expect from Ampop (string orchestrations, wurlitzers, trumpets, theremins, mellotrons, etc.), Sail To The Moon barely makes it off the floor, never mind the moon, as hard as You Could Be Lovely, Two Directions and Carry On try to keep the whole thing afloat. Shallow and dull.

Song of the 2. Week: Sail to the moon


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