mánudagur, mars 19, 2007

Review by Sindri Eldon of New album by Hafdis Huld (2007)

Hafdís Huld - Dirty Paper Cup
Score: 4 / 5
Sindri Eldon
Published in Grapevine Magazine: Issue 3 on Thursday, March 08, 2007

Although its cuteness occasionally sinks to unforgivable stupidity, Dirty Paper Cup is a triumph as far as original songwriting goes, and brilliantly showcases the fact that no matter how much fashionable gimmickry is strewn over a song, it doesn’t count for shit unless it has the bones to support its own weight, and this album certainly has bones aplenty. Hafdís bares her soul on almost every track, making even the ditsyest lines ring with such bittersweet honesty that the ho-hum production is rendered irrelevant; even the banjo hooks sound heartfelt. The end result is an album so personal and well-intentioned that you feel like you’ve made a new friend after listening to it. Granted, your new friend might be a hopeless fashion victim and a bit of a drama queen, but a good one nontheless.


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