laugardagur, febrúar 09, 2008

5. Monitor (February) is out now

Monitor Number 5
Articles about
- Sirkus R.I.P.
- I Adapt R.I.P. too
- the story of Kolrassa Krokridandi & Eliza Newman Geirsdottir
- Studios in Iceland
News Snaps
Last concert of Jakobinarina 8. March @ Organ ?
New records by Borko and Morðingjarnir, both on Kimi Records Label (Akureyri based)
Mordingjarnir Release: 6. March "Afram Island!"
Borko Release: 13. March "Celebrating Life"
Release of the Third Record by Bang Gang (Bardi Johannsson) in 2008 ?
Free mp3 of the Bands in February-March on the site are going to be from the following bands
Who Knew?, Halftiger, Naflakusk and We Made God
Recommended MySpace of Tesla Girls:

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