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Little Licker Number 4 (February): Icelandic Edition

Today Marcus Villaça did put my attention on:

Tasting stuff... but leaving the hákari alone
Issue Number 4 of Little Licker featuring Icelandic Music: www.littlelicker.com/Little_Licker___issue_4.html
Items about Sigur Rós, Bloodgroup, Singapore Sling, Amiina and GusGus
“I am a grateful... grapefruit”
Björk Guðmundsdóttir

Already in Number 2 they refered to Icelandic music:
Iceland’s excellent psychedelic adventure. New pop songs always go for the jugular in their videos. No subtlety whatsoever, all flash and fireworks, as if they are trying to cover up for the mostly mediocre lyrics and half-assed harmonies the songs are made of. All crammed together at an ADD-inducing breakneck speed for guaranteed cretine results.
Now take the latest releases by the Bedroom Community label from Iceland. The mesmerizing scratchboard expressiviness of Valgeir Sigurdsson’s ‘Evolution of Waters’ or the odd-looking pubic hair-like forms in Nico Muhly’s ’It Goes Without Saying’ eaves us utterly transfixed. Pure Gondry magic, n’est-ce pas?
Yes, you’ve seen stuff like this before courtesy of Björk (she has collaborated with most of the artists on the label in one form or another). And there’s really nothing new in using stop-motion movie-making techniques in mainstream music videos
(check out Peter Gabriels ‘Sledgehammer’).
Which begs the question: Why do we still have to dig deep to find gems like this?

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