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Iceland’s PM Performs at Concert "Brothers and Sisters" against Racism (20. February)

Prime Minister Geir H. Haarde performed alongside rocker Bubbi Morthens at a concert against racism in Reykjavik , entitled “Brothers and Sisters” or "Bræður og systur". Haarde, who is reported to have a good singing voice, sang three songs at the concert.
Haarde sang two songs with the South River Band—the prime minister has performed with that band on earlier occasions—and one in a duo with Morthens, singing Icelandic classic “Lóa litla á Brú,” Morgunbladid reports.

Other performers include KK, Nýdönsk, Mínus, Lay Low, Ragnheidur Gröndal, Hjálmar, Ragnar Bjarnason and Sprengjuhöllin, both young and established musicians. The audience filled concert venue Austurbaer and some were waiting at the door to get in.
The purpose of the free concert, which was spearheaded by Morthens, was to fight racism in Iceland, following the launch of an anti-Polish website.
Source: Iceland Review Online

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