þriðjudagur, febrúar 05, 2008

"Helvítis gráðugu fífl" by Dr. Gunni is Song of the 46. Week

The Song "Helvítis gráðugu fífl " of the brand New EP of Dr. Gunni is our Song of the Week.
Buy his 4 Song EP @ http://this.is/drgunni/tilefni.html
3 Steps:
1. Put 1000 IKR on his bank account 0101-26-3190 / 610404-2190 (Erðanúmúsik ehf)
2. Send him an e-mail (afpóst) with your name and address
3. Wait for the CD with song lyrics to be dropped in your Mailbox by the Postman

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