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Bubbi Morthens Holds Concert against Racism

Racism is growing amoung Icelandic youngsters, especially against Polish emigrants.
Bubbi Morthens gegn rasisma
Icelandic singer-songwriter Bubbi Morthens is planning to hold a free concert against racism in the venue Austurbaer in Reykjavík on February 20. He made the decision after reading about teenagers launching a website against Polish immigrants.
“When almost 3,000 brats have registered for some hatred website against Poles and other immigrants, we cannot just sit and watch quietly,” Morthens told Fréttabladid. “I hereby advertise for musicians. Anyone who has made a name for him- or herself in the music industry can come and play if they want to support this cause.”
“I think it is very important that we who can reach the ears of the public take a stand. I call for an awakening on this matter. […] It is very serious to personify a group of foreigners and place everyone in the same category. We shouldn’t forget that Prince Polo [chocolate bar] is Polish, so one could say the Poles saved my youth,” the singer added, jokingly.
Morthens has already talked to a few known artists in Iceland about performing with him next week and is in contact with Ahús, the Intercultural Center in Reykjavík, on providing speakers and musicians of foreign origin for the event.
“We have to kick the racist gang in the butt,” Morthens concluded.
Bubbi Morthens with his band Ego performing "Sieg Heil", a song featured in the Movie Rokk i Reykjavik

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