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Anonymous Video "Sleepingwave"

The Pollocks in Iceland
It´s 1981 a lot of young peoples minds are filled with fear of the apocolyps caused by of the cold war. Two half american brothers, members of the Pollock clan originated in scotland (later moved to America) blending with black feet souix indians setting roots in good old Kentucky and the other half Icelandic.
These brothers go to Iceland at a young age and shake the Icelandic music industry harder then any 8 richter earthquake could with a punk band called Utangarðsmenn or the outsiders in english. Voted the rockband of the century in Iceland 2001.
These brothers both hook up with Icelandic women and in the end of 1981 a baby girl was born in down town of Reykjavík Tanya Lind Danielsdóttir Pollock. 4 months later a baby boy was born in down town of Reykjavík Marlon Lee 'Ulfur Pollock. These kids grew up 2 block away from each other, there lives filled with alot of beautifull music chaos and gray people and places, hungry ghosts, elves, mystic nights and dancing northren lights and ongoing sunshine threw out the night in summer time. Raised like brother and sister.
Now 22 years later they have played in London, North America, Norway and of course Iceland and the lates is the warm up the did for 50 cent in Laugardalshöll were Marlon was rapping and Anonymous took care of the production.
There music is inspired by Native American shaminisem, Icelandic nature, there dreams and of course daily life, good days and bad.
The Music can´t be put in one category it all depends on the nature of the feeling each time we sit down and create all from classical piano to old school hardcore, drum & bass, hip-hop, ambient, electro, punk, rock´n roll tribal chanting you name it we got it floating inside of us.

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