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Interview with Producer Peter Katis @ The Calcutta blog

Here's a part of an interview with indie-rock producer Peter Katis.
: Jónsi is very busy: solo album (with the help of Nico Muhly of Bedroom Community) & album with his partner as Riceboy sleeps

Peter: One thing that is kind of cool… I think one of the best bands in the last ten years is Sigur Rós. And in a few weeks, I start a record with Jónsi Birgisson from Sigur Rós. It’s sort of his solo record.
Colin: Is it with his partner or? There was a rumor that he and his boyfriend were doing something together?
Peter: Yes, but it’s not the “Riceboy(Sleeps)” thing. That’s a strictly ambient record that they made by themselves and comes out pretty soon.
Mike: Right
Colin: That’s pretty cool.
Peter: But the other collaborator on the record is Nico Muhly. Do you know who he is?
Michael: No.
Peter: He’s this sort of wunderkind, composer, arranger, conductor guy. He’s more from the world of contemporary classical, but sometimes, he’ll slum it with us indie rockers. So it’s going to be a largely acoustic guitar record but also with a lot of “out there” string arrangements. Strings, woodwinds, brass and double bass, actually.
Colin: Yeah we’re speaking with Sigur Rós’ string band Amiina.
Peter: Oh, right, right, right.
Colin: So that should be pretty cool. We really like their stuff.
Peter: I’ve never heard them and in fact when I saw Sigur Rós in the Fall and went to talk to Jónsi and stuff, it was their first time in seven years where they were touring without the strings. So I saw them as a four-piece rock band. I was pretty impressed how they still pulled off that big sonic landscape, not-bullshit-rock sound with four guys playing guitar, bass and drums.
Mike: The drummer beats on that kit. You know, live, at least when I saw them, he was so impressive to watch.
Peter: You know that’s where I give the sound guy credit at that show. It was at this really cool venue in New York, called The United Palace which is on W 176 St., way, way up town. And it was this beautiful old theatre. It’s like a smaller version of Radio City Music Hall. It sounded great but I think that’s because they didn’t put too much of the drum kit in the mix at all ‘cause it would have just been a mess. If you mixed it big rock-drums style, it would have been a wall of noise. Smart mixing…
Colin: That’s awesome.

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