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Icelandic studio Sýrland goes Danish - Free Outdoor Concert 24. May 2009 with Dísa, Ólafur Arnalds & For a Minor Reflection

Famous Icelandic studio invades Denmark
Sýrland Studio, one of the most notable commercial studios in Iceland, is to expand into Denmark. The studio, which opened in 1988 and recorded The Sugarcubes' "Here today, Tomorrow, Next Week" as their first album, has played host to a range of internationally renowned artists both foreign and local, including Björk, Gus Gus, Morten Harket, Blur and Damon Albarn. Now, after a succesful twenty years in Iceland, the studio owners will launch a new studio in Hundslund, between Arhus and Horsens.
The studio is built in a renovated 18th century ranch and is being described as a “Residential Studio” since as well as a studio the venue also houses a a two-bedroom apartment and a seven-bedroom guesthouse and the three entities can be rented separately or as a whole. The Studio itself has a large live room, a control room and two Isolation booths. The sound in the live room is very alive and rich in reverberations and can be described as cathedral sounding. This makes the studio perfect for recording acoustic instruments, for classical music and Jazz.
The studio will open 24. May @ 16:00 with an outdoor concert featuring both Danish and Icelandic artists. Icelandic artists Dísa (Bryndís Jakobsdóttir), Ólafur Arnalds and For a Minor Reflection will play along with the Danish Mimas shortly after the opening ceremony.
The concert is free for all and is located in the Studio’s garden, Svinballevej 13, 8350 Hundslund. Bus 306 stops in the neighborhood (Horsens – Odder, bus 103 Århus – Odder).
For more information contact: Þórir Jóhannsson @
Source: Iceland Music Export (IMX)

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