laugardagur, maí 16, 2009

Interview with Eberg @ Rjóminn Website

I found an interview with Eberg in Icelandic on the Icelandic website Rjóminn. On the 3. April he released his 3. Album "Antidote" in Iceland on the Icelandic Cod Music Label. Barði of Bang Gang collaborated on 1 song on the album. Eberg also produced an Album for Bird, a British girl, to be released this summer. And he's working on an Album with singer Rósa of the band Sometime under the name Feldberg, to be released this fall. And together with Pétur Ben he recorded 2 songs for a movie.
Waiting for the Antidote videos
Watch an old video for a song of "Voff Voff" Album: "The Twinkle Tune"

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