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Short Movie "Með mann á bakinu" (2004) with Music by Björk

Part 1 of Short movie The Man on the back - Music Score by Björk

Part 2

Original Title: Með mann á bakinu
  • Country of origin: Iceland
  • Original language: Icelandic
  • Subtitled version: English
  • Genre: Tragic comedy
  • Length: 21 minutes
  • Year of production: 2004
  • Date of theatrical release in Iceland : September 2004
  • Director: Jón Gnarr
  • Script: Jón Gnarr
  • Main Cast: Jón Gnarr, Johann G. Johannsson, Valdimar Orn Flygenring
  • Producer: Joga Johannsdottir
  • Orginal Score: Björk Gudmundsdottir
  • Sound Design: Horret Kaas
  • Cinematography: Bergsteinn Bjorgulfsson
  • Editing: Dadi Elisson
  • Production Company: Jón Gnarr ehf - Production supported by: Icelandic Film Centre

    Festivals and Awards: Tampere Film Festival 2003 - Nordisk Panorama 2004 - Shorts Shorts 2005
    Source: Icelandic Film Center

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