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Electric Ethics (God is Electric) @ Jacobsen, Reykjavik 1. August 2009

Electric Ethics in collaboration with
the Neo-Collective Movement (Nýja Samvinnuhreyfingin) & Jacobsen
@ Jacobsen venue @ Austurstræti
1. August 2009 @ 22:00
On the program:
Stereo Hypnosis is presenting their New Album “Hypnogogia” released mid-August. This album was totally inspired by Jules Vernes and his book "Voyage au Centre de la Terre" & the Icelandic nature.
Gjoll presents new material from their forthcoming album
AMFJ (released the cassette "Itemhljóð & Veinan" lately)
WC Einar Krautzwel
Admission: 1000 IKR (with included appetizer in courtesy of Mekka)
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