föstudagur, júlí 31, 2009

Mugison plays 5 Amnesty Concerts in 1 day @ New York 18. August

Mugison will play 5 gigs in one day (Five Boroughs In One Day) tour to support Amnesty International @ New York City
Mugie's Program
12:00 Jacques Marchais Museum of Tibetan Art
@ Staten Island
14:00 The Silent Barn @ Queens
17:00 Place To be announced @ Bronx
20:00 Freeman’s Alley in Manhattan @ Manhattan
23:00 Pete's Candy Store
@ Brooklyn

"Jesus is a good name to moan" Live @ Aldrei, April 2009

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my friend paige sagði...

UPDATE: Mugison's Manhattan show is at City Winery at 8:30pm!! and it's still FREE! can't wait.