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Albums expected to be released this year: Another update

Icelandc artists expected to release some material this year:
Agent Fresco
Blindfold: release of Album "Faking dreams" on 1. August
Bloodgroup: working on 2. Album
Árstíðir: Debut Album "Árstíðir" has been released in June by their own Nevalis Ltd company. Album recorded @ Hljóðriti Studio @ Hafnarfjörður (engineered, mixed and mastered by the unique producer Axel “Flex” Árnasson)

Dynamo Fog: a full Album this year - Update: R.I.P. Dynamo Fog
Elíza (Newman): working on her 2. Album - her "Ukelele Song" was no. 1 in Icelandic chart
For a Minor Reflection: working on a 2. Album
GusGus: 6. studio album "24/7" out on Kompakt Label 14. September - Single "Add this song" already released
Hafdís Huld: working on a 2. Album - Spiderman Song "Kóngulo"
Hellvar: working on a 2. Album - with a new fantastic song "Falsetto"

Hjaltalín: are in the Hljóðriti recording studio in Hafnarfjörður for their 2. Album
Jónsi: first Solo album will be produced by his partner Alex Somers
Jónsi & Alex: "Riceboy Sleeps" was released this week
Kimono: "Easy music for difficult people"
múm: "Sing Along To Songs You Don’t Know!" out on Hostess Label in Japan on 19. August, Morr Music in Europe on the 24. August, and on Euphono in the USA on 8. September
Leaves: 4. Album "We are shadows" is already out
Lights on the Highway: 2. Album "Amanita muscarina" will be released on 1. August
Morðingjarnir: just finished recording 12 Songs for their 3. Album (with Dead Kennedys/The Kinks/Bon Jovi influences according to Haukur)
Ólöf Arnalds: working on a 2. Album
Ólafur Arnalds: his Twitter project "Found Songs" in a Limited Edition (CD in Digislave/10" Vinyl - Booklet with Flickr Group photos) out on 31. August , working hard on this new Album with producer is Barði Jóhannsson - also working on a score for Wayne McGregor's new ballet inbetween
Nögl: Debut Album
Retrön: Debut Album "Swordplay & Guitarslay" was released on 7. July
Rökkurró: working on a 2. Album with producer Alex Somers
Slow Blow?
Sprengjuhöllin: guys are working on an Album in English
Sudden Weather Change
: Debut Album "Stop! Handgrenade In The Name of Crib Death 'nderstand?" was released on Kimi Records
Who Knew: Debut Album
Thanks to Leo!

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