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Icelandic bands múm, Ruxpin & GusGus in "In Search of Sound" Documentary

Icelandic bands múm, Ruxpin and Gus Gus will be featured in an upcoming documentary series, In Search of Sound, according to Newspaper visir. Over fifty solo artists and bands will appear, among them Mouse on Mars, Felix the Dog, Coldcut and Mogwai.
The documentary covers alternative music in 27 cities and countries, including Iceland. It is filmed by 22 different film makers and directed by Brian Parsons. Emphasis is put on an intimate backstage view of the artists and the record labels. Special screenings in Iceland have yet to be determined. Eysteinn Gudnason & Jónas Gudmundsson directed the Icelandic section.
I chose those particular Icelandic artists because I have loved their music for many years and I couldn’t understand why they weren’t getting the attention they deserve in the USA” Brian Parsons said. It has not been disclosed which songs from the bands are heard in the film but GusGus will appear in the second series. The múm interview was done at Reykjavik’s Pond, whereas Ruxpin was followed on their concert tour over Iceland and Estonia.
"I find everything that has to do with Iceland interesting, especially the fact that such great music can come from such a small place. I see that as a symbol of the rich culture and the values of the people of Iceland” said Parsons.
Source: Iceland Review Online & Visir

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