fimmtudagur, ágúst 06, 2009

New Video of Berndsen: "Supertime"

Berndsen presents a new Video for a song titled "Supertime"
Director: Helgi Jóhannsson
DP: Hrafn Garðarsson
Producer: Atli Viðar Þorsteinsson
Co-Prod: Helgi og Krummi

Berndsen @ MySpace

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ZiP sagði...

I do like the song a lot on the first listen; it feels catchy and upbeat. However, I may have to watch the video a few more times to understand it a little more. For me, it manages to be super creepy by sometimes showing that the accident victims are still in pain while being thrown around in an impromptu party. Regardless, it seems so difficult to be fully unique in music videos these days, but Berndsen has managed to do it. Brilliant.