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Song of the 124. Week: "Reykeitrun" by Stjörnukisi

124. Song of the Week is Stjörnukisi's "Reykeitrun".
In 1996 Stjörnukisi, or "Starcat", won the Músíktilraunir competition (Musical Experiments/Battle of the Bands). The band released a 10" in 1996 "Veðurstofan", and an EP the following year, "Geislaveisla" (1997). Two songs of the band were on the Compilation Album "Spírur" on Sproti Label. Single "Flottur Sófi" was released in 1998, in collaboration with the music magazine Undirtónar. The song "Krómósóm" was on another Sproti Compilation Album called "Kvistir". A full-length album called "Góðar Stundir" was released in 2001. The band never got a record deal.
Their music was rather harsh and uncompromising and the band gained some following but never actually became popular. Harsh drum machines were overlayed with sampling and the occasional loud guitar, and dark but stoic vocals.
Úlfur Chaka Karlsson, the singer of the band, battled leukemia for many years. Lately this disease reared it's ugly head after a period of inactivity, and on september 6th his friends held a grand concert in Reykjavik in support of him and his family. All the bands who played were related to him in some way, they'd shared practicing space, or included his friends, and all gladly played for free, and a decent sum was raised. During the concert, whom Úlfur could only watch live on the internet in his hospital room, it was announced that he'd married his long time girlfriend that same day. Overall it was a joyous and hopeful occasion, if somewhat mingled with fear of what might happen. Three days after the concert, Úlfur Chaka passed away. He was only 31 years old. May he rest in peace.
Úlfur's former bandmates are now in a band called Bacon Live Support Unit.
Source: Icelandic Wikipedia & Maggi Strump @ Jangle Pop Blogspot

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