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Song of the 126. Week: "Up Tight" by Weapons

"Up Tight" is the 126. Song of the Week. A song by the band Weapons, and to be found on the Debut Album "A Ditch in Time" (2008), out on Icelandic Future Records.
Weapons came to when two childhood friends, Hreinn & Oli Dori, began recording songs together in a loft in Reykjavik where Hreinn lives. Without any musical schooling, but with great interest in the musical art form, they taught themselves to play their instruments and started right away finishing recordings by doing everything themselves. With similar taste in music and art the two began to develop the style and sound of their new band. In search of a third member to play the drums Weapons didn't have to look far as Hreinn's younger cousin, Moni, took the sticks and began playing the drums with passion and therefore perfecting the mix. Weapons have been gigging and touring around Iceland since then, giving intense performances one after another. The summer 2007 the trio recorded their first LP, "A Ditch in Time". They hooked up with the NY producer Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor) as he was excited to mix the album, which he did. A Ditch in Time met the public’s eye in the beginning of December 2008. A true blend of early rock ‘n roll music and punk rock with modern emphasis....
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